Thank you for considering MaRouge Publicity to provide Public Relations services for your brand.  In every step of the process, you want your brand to be publicized in the best way. That means you need an excellent Public Relations firm ready to help you do just that. MaRouge Publicity is a dedicated and committed PR firm with a great amount of experience in handling the different levels of publicity needed for you and your brand. In addition, the firm specializes in coordinating media for all types of  events. When you hire MaRouge to provide publicity for your brand, dedication and hard work will make your Public Relations worries a thing of the past. By hiring MaRouge as the professional PR strategist, you can safely concentrate on your work.  MaRouge Publicity can provide the following services for your brand:

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The following services below are also available, please contact us for a quote:


Event Publicity/Coordination

Event Media Coordination

Photo Shoot Coordination

Brand/Product Launch

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sample media kit #2